Spring 2020

Research & App Prototype

Millenials and Gen Z report the highest number of mental health cases in recent history. 


The inability to afford medical treatment and the general mistrust of pharmaceuticals in general have caused younger generations to turn to alternative means to help their anxiety such as apps and holistic treatments like meditation.

Most anxiety apps rarely stop a full blown panic attack. LUNA is the response to this widespread problem.


LUNA uses a combination of color, sound, and story to quell an attack by bypassing the higher brain and playing on evolutionary survival cues in the more ancient hindbrain. 

Color is the quickest information the human brain processes unconsciously - because it meant life or death in antiquity.

Once the hindbrain has been stabilized through color processing, sound brings chaotic brain waves into a calmer range, while story acts as a form of meditation to hold the user's attention. 


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App Prototype

Research & Process


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Finalized Concept