Lotus Moon

Fall 2018

Motion Design

Lotus Moon is a 3D modeled motion graphic piece intended to bring a sense of meditation to viewers through the delicate beauty of the lotus and the calmness of night. 

The lotus blossom is a symbol of rebirth, peace, and purity to many unique cultures

around the world. It is known to bloom in mud and decay while simultaneously

clearing the water in its around it. This is representative of taking negativity and

ugliness from our lives, and clearing it all away, until all that remains is a clear mind

and a more positive outlook.

The piece strives to inspire that same symbology and sense  of clear focus.

Lotus Moon

Resources & Programs

Cinema 4D                 "Art of Silence" by UNIQ

After Effects                  

Media Encoder

Royalty - Free Textures

from Unsplash



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