Dark Thoughts

Motion Design 

Fall 2017

Dark Thoughts is a public service announcement aimed to bring awareness to anxiety and depression by allowing the viewer to experience a mild form of anxiety presented through sound and visual unease.


Anxiety is the most prominent mental health issue in the present day, primarily affecting those within the Millenial and Gen Z groups, as well as with outliers in other generations.


Symptoms of the condition range from severe to mild and sufferers display a range of symptoms such as sweating, freezing, stuttering, and fidgeting to panic attacks that include fainting, crying, headaches, self-destructive thoughts, brain fog, tiredness, and heightened fight or flight response.

Anxiety makes life much harder for individuals both suffering and supporting, especially for those in college and high school where anxiety rates sky-rocket from prolonged stress.

If you have anxiety, you are not alone.

There are resources within university campuses and in local communities made available that can provide help and support.


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