Defining Alexander

Fall 2019

Brand & Identity

Alexander the Great was one of the most important people in history - for bridging the gap between cultures and bringing Greece into a golden age. But who was he really?


Alexander was a complex individual for his time - his feats were god-like, but he was still equally just a man. He saw himself as a god, but was equally human and he fought side by side with his men in the dirt and gore of battle. He loved, he hurt, and he had doubts like any other human being. 


He is a revered figurehead of classical history viewed through historical glasses with a sterile cleanliness that often forgets the nitty-gritty of his actions and experiences as a king, warrior, and man. 

By taking the clean pristine visage of ancient statuary and overlaying it with the vast scope of lands Alexander conquered with his men, I aim to give depth to encompass Alexander's feats as well as his own view on his psyche as a warrior and as a demi-god.


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Defining Alexander

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